Our Brands

Orfam Australia owns, manufactures and distributes the following brands:

Dr. Tim's Success Logo

The weight loss program with a doctor behind it.

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Dr. MacLeod's Logo

The Dr. MacLeod’s product range of special purpose nutrition products were developed by Dr. Tim Orchard for special medical purposes including the treatment of obesity, aged and palliative care, and for nutritional support.

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Dr. Tim's Treats Logo

Low Sugar, low calorie, low carbohydrate treats that taste great!

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Dr. MacLeod's Logo

Dr. MacLeod’s Boost is a great tasting nutritional supplement range ideal for any person unable to eat a balanced diet and therefore at risk of poor nutrition.

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Partner Brands

Orfam Australia is proud to partner with the following brands as the Australian/NZ agents:

Bub Caps Logo

Simple covers to prevent unwanted home button activation. At last- a simple way to keep kids in their apps.

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Bub Caps Pro Logo

BubCap Pro provides industrial-strength home button protection to keep users from switching out of a designated app.

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Paper Shower Logo

Paper Shower is the world’s first and only WET & DRY towelette pack. It makes having shower on the go quick and easy – without needing water, soap and towels.

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Rio Mints Logo

Arguably the best tasting mints in the world and definitely the coolest mints in town!

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